Liz Jones - YOU Magazine (Part 4) — Digital Spy

From the previous thread Anyone who claims to love animals as much as Liz wouldn't set foot in Harrods much less actually purchase stuff from their pet department.

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M&S Vouchers — Digital Spy

I read about that, couldn't see it on the page so assumed it wasn't available. Ordered a refurbed Sky+ for my Mum off Ebay, year guarantee so think I'll leave HD for a while. Her box is one of the original grey ones that I paid £300 for, it's on it's last legs so all sorted now. Be plenty of offers next year I imagine.

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Iceland Coupons - Spend over £20 and £5 off vouchers

Managed to use 8 coupons myself and gave 1 coupon to another customer. (I'd got another 2 coupons from Mondays papers) Yes, they did let me put £20 of shopping through at a time. I went in the shop 3 times in all. I used their website before I went shopping and knew exactly what I wanted and managed to get everything and more besides.

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Has Tesco Stopped Clubcard Coupons? — Digital Spy

Just to be clear I'm still being sent Clubcard Vouchers - that's the £5 off piece of paper when you've collected 500 points. By coupons I mean the booklet that included a mix of offers eg £1 off a specific pizza, or half price on anything Finest within a set of dates.

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Ebay coupon code - is it genuine? — Digital Spy

Keep getting a pop up on the ebay app with a 75% coupon code if you spend £100 seems a bit fisby to me

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Coupons in Tesco's — Digital Spy

We shop at Asda (the one that will accept coupons) and use the £5, £10, £20 off shopping vouchers that Sainsburys send out. We also use up any other coupon we can get hold of, cuts our shopping bill right down, even without the money off shopping, we can easily get £8 - £15 off shopping in vouchers.

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Do you use coupons? — Digital Spy

I especially dislike those coupons that give you, e,g., £5 off when you spend £50 on, say, dairy products. I'm never going to do that. And I'm certainly not going to do it just for the sake of a voucher.

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Do people still use Groupon? — Digital Spy

I remember when I first signed up to their emails about 7/8 years ago and they decided to send me £5 off coupons with no minimum spend. I ended up getting several coffee/cakes or lunch deals for less than a few quid after the discount. They did this every month for I think 4 months before clocking on and changing it to £5 off a £20 spend

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Anyone pay for their shopping with lots of coupons in

The tampax were 3 for 2 and she said 'I am going to use both these coupons' I said that they wouldn't take them because there was a promotion on, and then in effect she would get 1 free, and a quid off both the 2 she was paying for. She did it on the self service till, and it took them!

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5p off Petrol @ Tesco Coupons — Digital Spy

I have 3 coupons from shopping at Tesco for 5p per litre off petrol but you can only use 1 per transaction. If I make 3 visits each putting in £15 and I use my clubcard each time will there be a problem? 1 runs out on June 1st and the other 2 on the 6th. Do they have the right to refuse any of them?

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Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0 50% OFF — Digital Spy

I was going to get the 5 PC 2 year license for £50, but it expired. Now it is offering 30% off and entering the code WHSMITH after you have added it to your basket it takes another 50% off. So even with their dodgy 19% VAT the total is £45.71, this equates to £9.14 per PC for TWO Years cover or £4.57 per annum.

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